12/ 04/ 17

A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine + Free Makeup Essentials Checklist

Hi All, Today I’m giving you all an inside look at the makeup products I reach for every day. Currently, my makeup collection isn’t very big, it’s basically just full of all the necessities. I haven’t really experimented with many brands either. In the future, I hope to start to venture out into the makeup world and hopefully discover more brands that I will fall in love with so I can share them with you.

Step 1 – Foundation

I use Revlon’s Colorstay Liquid Foundation in the colour 200 Nude. This is the only brand/type of foundation I have ever purchased (currently on my 3rd bottle). I have found that this is a great, affordable foundation for people who have oily skin like mine. It also has SPF 15 😎 To apply my foundation I like to use my knock off Beauty Blender from the chemist.

Step 2 – Concealer

For my concealer, I use Revlon’s Colorstay concealer in the colour 02 Light Pale. I like to use a lighter colour because I use it to brighten up the area below my eyes. I’m not really a total fan of this product as it kind of irritates my skin and I don’t like the smell of it. So I am definitely on the hunt for a new concealer.

Step 3 – Pressed Powder

Guess What! Once again I use Revlon’s Colorstay Pressed Powder in the colour Medium to set my foundation. This product makes my foundation look matte and finished. My number on tip when using a power to set your foundation it to let the foundation dry a little before putting the powder over the top because the powder won’t apply evenly because the wet areas will collect more of it. To apply my powder, I like to use my Face & Body brush from the Body Shop.

Step 4 – Bronzer

This is a recent add to my daily makeup routine. I always felt a little “washed out” when I used to apply just foundation and powder so I went on the hunt for a bronzer. I picked up Revlon’s Bronze Glow (I promise I’m not getting paid to talk about Revlon haha!) Highlighting Pallet. I do find that this product is a little pinker than I would like but it gets the job done. I just have to be careful not to apply too much.

Step 5 – Eyebrows

Finally! A different brand. Some of you are going to cringe at this real hard. I have been using this one color disk to fill in my eyebrows since 2013 haha. It’s Napoleon Perdis’s Espresso To Go eyeshadow. Back in high school, my friend gave me this disk and it just won’t run out. It is the perfect shade for my eyebrows and I am definitely going to be buying another one when it does run out. I like to use a Slanted brush from the Bodyshop to apply the eyeshadow.

Step 6 – Eyes

Now to my favourite pallet of all time! Urban Decays Naked Smoky Pallet. I know you all have heard how good it is so I’m not going to waste my time telling you that. Instead, I’ll tell you my most used shades. Daily I reach for Combust (Matte Nudie Pink – base), Dirty Sweet (Shimmery Gold/Champagne – lid), Radar (Shimmery Brown – crease) and High ( Shimmery Light Pink/White – inner corner). To apply the shadows I either use the brush the pallet came with or the Eyeshadow brush from the Body Shop.

Step 7 – Mascara

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara… Must I say any more?

Step 8 – Lips

Lately, I have been using the hell out of Mac’s Velvet Teddy. It’s such a great neutral shade, works with every makeup look and it’s super easy to apply. I have also been using Kylie Jenner’s Dolce K but I find it is a little hard to apply because it is a matte liquid lipstick. Honestly, I have been a little let down by Kylie’s lip kits, I find that they wear really weird, like it literally flakes off and it makes my lips feel really dry and crusty. Let me know if I’m not the only one!

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