02/ 03/ 17


I want you all to know some new things about me! So I decided to pick a couple of questions and answer them on my blog. Just letting you into the life of Claire.

Q. What’s your favorite candle scent?

Vanilla all the way! Honestly, I have the biggest collection of Vanilla candles and everyone is unique! I love the scent because it reminds me of Winter time and being all cuddled up in bed watching TV .

Q. Do you prefer winter or summer?

As I mentioned in the past question, definitely Winter! I LOOOVVVEE WINTER ❄️. I live down in Australia and it get’s way too hot in summer. I love heading south and experiencing a ‘real’ winter. The best thing about Winter is the fashion (oversized jumpers and jeans, oh and the cute boots!), hot chocolates ☕️ and not having to sleep with the Aircon on.

Q. Do you have a nickname? What is it?

I do It’s Memo. I have had it ever since I was little. I actually think my Dad came up for it and none of us know what it means ‍‍‍.

Q. What do you eat breakfast every morning?

Currently, I have been loving my Special K with Almond Milk with a drizzle of honey. But when I am feeling inspired I might whip up some scrambled eggs or if the Avocados are ripe, Avocado on wholegrain toast .

Q. What’s one song you can’t stop listening to at the moment?

Weak by AJR. I just can’t get enough, I think I have had it on repeat for the past 2 weeks. Every time I’m driving to work or to the shops I blast it and it puts me in the best mood. I have also been a loved of Anywhere by Dillon Francis (bae) .

Q. If you were to get a tattoo in the near future what would it be?

If I was to get a tattoo in the future I think it would probably be a one-line tattoo of a turtle on my ankle . My boyfriend Joseph has this thing with turtles and we both want one on our ankles, not necessarily matching though. I know couple tattoos are stupid but it’s not like I’m getting his name on my forehead .

Q. If you could only use 5 makeup products for the rest of your life, what would they be?

I like makeup but I’m not obsessed so if I wasn’t allowed any makeup for the rest of my life I wouldn’t cry about it. Since I am allowed to choose 5 I would choose mascara, foundation, a nude matte lipstick, eyeshadow and an eyebrow pencil. You know what! Listing these I realised this is all I actually use hahaha.

Q. If you could be any type of cheese what would it be?

Any type of cheese… Camembert. I am a loverrrrr of camembert cheese! I love platters and always have one of these in my fridge just incase.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years I will be 30. Hopefully I will have a full-time Web Design job (hopefully working for myself), maybe two kids? A nice SUV car, married to Joseph, and a nice house living comfortably.

Q. What’s your favorite pasta dish?

Any! haha Oh! this is a hard one but my go-to pasta dish I always order when I’m out would be a Chicken Bacon Mushroom Fettucini Carbonara. Yum .

Q. The loudest you have laughed was when…?

Recently actually. Joseph and I were laying in bed and I brought up the topic of starting a clothes line and he made some stupid joke about literally putting up a clothes line to hang clothes on outside. It was the stupidest joke but we laughed for a fair while about it.

Q. How did you meet Joseph?

I have met Joseph twice. Once I don’t remember when we were ten years old at a family friend’s barbecue at Dingo Beach and the second was in grade eight when we both started boarding school in Mackay.

Q. When did you have your first kiss?

My first proper kiss (not spin the bottle or anything) was in grade ten when Joseph finally decided to ask me out. It was actually the 27-11-2011 to be exact. He asked my out on the bech down the front of his house and he kissed me straight after. Yeah it was pretty cute.

C x