04/ 04/ 17

Monthly Round Up: March 2017

Hello again! I know I haven’t posted on this blog for a while, but I promise I haven’t forgotten about it! This past month has been super busy. I have finally been able to start my Whitsunday Realty website design project, I’ve been searching for a new part-time/full-time job and about a week ago we had a category 4 cyclone hit where I live in Airlie Beach Queensland, Australia. I wrote a little post about the cyclone and my life lately here if you want to check it out.

On The Blog:

As I mentioned I have not posted on this blog as often as I have wanted but life sometimes gets in the way and you get a bit unmotivated.

From Claire Sempf Design:

I started building Whitsunday Realty’s website! I have been pretty stressed with this project, as I have had to use Easy Property Listing to build a Real Estate Website. Whitsunday Realty has all their properties on myDesktop and I have had to set up multiple XML feeds to push all their listings through. I have been worried about his from the beginning, as I have never worked with anything like this before but GUESS WHAT! I made it work! I can relax now and focus on making all the pages work properly and look pretty. The website should be up in a few week once I have power again.

Whitsunday Realty Website Design and Development


During the cyclone, I actually did a lot of vlogging and have a lot of footage from the preparation, during and the after effects of the cyclone. Current, I am putting this footage together so I can make a Youtube video for you all to watch.

Stay tuned.

Claire x