19/ 02/ 17

Life Lately – Pilot

I’m starting another series on my blog… Life Lately! How original right? I love reading other bloggers posts like this so I decided to share my own 😊

It’s been a bit of a weird week but here are a couple of the highlights. ✨

I landed another Website Design job 🖥

I went for a meeting about a month ago with a potential client to design and develop a website for their real estate company! It took them a little while to get back to me but it was well worth the wait. This is going to be a massive project and will hopefully look great on my portfolio! I am super excited to share more about this project in the future 😊

I started PIIT28! 💪

PIIT stands for Pilates. Intense. Interval. Training. It is a workout program designed by Cassey Ho from Blogilates. It is a 28-day program where you only have to workout for under 30 minutes a day. My friend, Kate, got me onto this and I am so excited to see if it works for me as well as it worked for her! I have also joined the PIITSTAGRAM challenge where I have to post on Instagram for the whole 28 days and at the end, I get a free PIIT28 singlet. If you want to know what it’s all about, check out the link here (affiliate).

My brother moved to Brisbane 🚘

Brisbane is about a 12-hour drive south from here, so to move all the way down to the other end of the state is a pretty massive move. My Brother used to go to university in Townsville, which is only three hours north but has changed his mind and decided to move to the big smoke. Good luck with all the traffic and public transport! He has a really nice city apartment, though. So jealous!

Valentines Day 💖

My Valentines Day consisted of a home cooked dinner with my family followed with all the television shows Joseph hates hehe: I’m A Celebrity, My Kitchen Rules and Married at first sight. Joseph went back to work on Monday a day early for overtime… smart boy. He skipped out on Valentines but it’s okay cause next time he’s home I’ve got a nice picnic planned if the weather doesn’t play up.

It’s Monday tomorrow and rain is in the forecast, hope you have a productive week!