05/ 03/ 17

Life Lately – It finally came!

Another couple weeks down, I can’t believe we are already on day 5 of March! TIME IS FLYING. Here is a few things that has been happening lately.

Life Lately

We Went Camping 🏕

Cathu State Forest Australia Camping

Cathu State Forest Australia Camping

Cathu State Forest Australia Camping

A little while ago I talked about the Cathu State Forest in a post on the blog (you can read it here), and I said that I really wanted to take joseph camping there and so we did. A friend was having her 30th birthday out there with a group of friends, overall it was a great gathering and Joseph loved it out there although we did get scrub itch – like little itchy bites.

Josephs Birthday Present finally came! 🎉

I began planning Josephs 21st birthday present in December last year and it finally came! In June this year, we are planning a trip to the tip of Australia so I thought why not get some tour shirt made up. I made Joseph wash his ute so I could get some really nice photos of it for the design. Although the process to ALOT longer than I originally planned the shirts came and he loves them! I can’t wait for the trip and to get our photo at the sign wearing them.

We got our rooftop tent! ⛺️

It seems my whole past two weeks have been about Camping and our future cape trip. So continuing with the theme we got our rooftop tent! We have been searching for a few months now for the perfect tent adn we finally got our hands on one. We are still to get the frame made for it so it can go on the back of Joseph’s ute so we can set it up but trust me it exists. It’s our second purchase from Facebook Buy, Swap, Sell.

C x