05/ 02/ 17

Current Loves

Current Loves

Welcome to my Sunday series Current Loves where I will be sharing all of the things I having been loving from TV Shows to Art to Music. If you’re bored and looking for things to check out over the weekend you have come to the right place! So let’s get listing shall we?

Salty Wings

1. Salty Wings drone shots – Salty Wings is a photography/video production house based in Perth. I discovered their awesome drone shots over on Facebook and have been obsessed with them ever since. They take amazing aerial shots of the beach with really cool contrasts and patterns. Go check them out here.

2. Groovin The Moo Line Up – Omg I have been obsessed with the line up for this year! It’s probably the best yet. I have never been to a music festival but I am really keen to try and get tickets to this one. My favs attending GTM this year: Dillon Francis (His Snapchats are hilarious @dillonfrancis), Milky Chance, Thundermentals, and The Darkness. Here’s a Spotify playlist for the festival:

3. Brittney Lee Saunders Trip To Hayman Island – Brittney has been my favorite youtube since about 2014. She is an Australian Lifestyle/Beauty/Vlogger Youtuber. Recently, she was invited to visit Hayman Island with Tarte (a makeup brand) to hang out with other influencers. She vlogged her trip and it looked amazing. You can watch it here.

4. My 3pm – 8pm shifts – As well as owning my own Web Design business, I also work at our local grocery store as a night replenisher, meaning I stock shelves after the store has closed. I usually start my 5-hour shift at 7 pm and work through till 12 am but recently I have been getting shifts from 3 pm – 8 pm and I’m loving it! Getting home in time to say goodnight to everyone, getting in bed by 10 pm, it’s great. Oh and waking up at 8 am honestly, I never thought I would be saying I love waking up earlyish.
Bullet Journal

5. My Bullet Journal – It has taken a few weeks but I think I have almost nailed my weekly spread. I have been trying a few different ways to lay it out and I think I have finally found the one for me. I like having my journal on the left and my weekly trackers etc on the right.