24/ 04/ 17

Cyclone Debbie | Salty Mist Adventures

Hi All, This is just a bit of a quick post today letting you all know that my boyfriend, Joseph, and I have created a youTube channel – Salty Mist Adventures that you can go and subscribe to here! We recently posted our first video which was on I mentioned in one of my previous

12/ 04/ 17

A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine + Free Makeup Essentials Checklist

Hi All, Today I’m giving you all an inside look at the makeup products I reach for every day. Currently, my makeup collection isn’t very big, it’s basically just full of all the necessities. I haven’t really experimented with many brands either. In the future, I hope to start to venture out into the makeup

04/ 04/ 17

Monthly Round Up: March 2017

Whitsunday Realty Website Design and Development

Hello again! I know I haven’t posted on this blog for a while, but I promise I haven’t forgotten about it! This past month has been super busy. I have finally been able to start my Whitsunday Realty website design project, I’ve been searching for a new part-time/full-time job and about a week ago we

23/ 03/ 17

Life Lately – I WON!

Mount Whitsunday - Airlie Beach

Hey Yall, It’s been a while since I have had the chance to catch up. Over the past couple weeks, I have learnt that blogging is a mood. You can’t just sit down and blog your need to be in a blogging mood. I know that seems like a pretty obvious thing now that I

12/ 03/ 17

Current Loves – Lifestyle

1. Marc Jacobs Decadence I told my story about this perfume in one of my recent posts – My Brand Addiction – Marc Jacobs. I talked about wanting this perfume so bad and now I finally have it and I LOVE IT! I find myself reaching for this perfume whenever I have nice events or

05/ 03/ 17

Life Lately – It finally came!

Life Lately

Another couple weeks down, I can’t believe we are already on day 5 of March! TIME IS FLYING. Here is a few things that has been happening lately. We Went Camping 🏕 A little while ago I talked about the Cathu State Forest in a post on the blog (you can read it here), and

02/ 03/ 17


I want you all to know some new things about me! So I decided to pick a couple of questions and answer them on my blog. Just letting you into the life of Claire. Q. What’s your favorite candle scent? Vanilla all the way! Honestly, I have the biggest collection of Vanilla candles and everyone

28/ 02/ 17

Monthly Round Up: February 2017

Goodbye February 👋🏽 Hello March. This past month has been one of the hottest months over here in Australia. I think I have had to sleep with the aircon on every night and I honestly can’t wait until Winter, but that’s still a whole another season away! For the past week I have had a

19/ 02/ 17

Life Lately – Pilot

I’m starting another series on my blog… Life Lately! How original right? I love reading other bloggers posts like this so I decided to share my own 😊 It’s been a bit of a weird week but here are a couple of the highlights. ✨ I landed another Website Design job 🖥 I went for a

14/ 02/ 17

Joseph’s Twenty First

Hi Joseph so you may have noticed I didn’t write on your Facebook wall for your twenty-first because first I spent the whole day with you and secondly it’s a bit mainstream right? Instead, I decided to dedicate a whole URL to your birthday! http://clairesempf.com/josephs-twenty-first 🙂 Basically, I just wanted to say that I am

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